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Mary's London

Specialist tours

Using my interests, imagination and skills, I have created exciting half-day experiences looking at how life has changed throughout history. I will, of course, be happy to make changes or adaptations should you wish 

London Tours 


Out of London

Half-day: St Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare's Southwark 

London is, indeed, a tale of two cities - both of them fascinating and still visible today. The glistening stone walls, sweeping steps and towering Dome of St Paul's are just part of my fascinating story.

Built in the wake of the 1666 Great Fire, Sir Christopher Wren's creation is an enduring inspiration and scene of momentous events - like the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer and the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.

Crossing the Millennium Foot Bridge takes us to Southwark, haunt of 'low-lifes', where bears were baited and the beer flowed as freely as the dastardly deeds.

We will admire a recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; hear tales of torture and despair at Clink Prison; and marvel at the luxurious Winchester Palace, whose ruins lie just a few feet away.

Then it's on to a reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake's glorious Golden Hinde, whose sailors subsisted on worm-infested ships' biscuits.

Happily, our tour ends on a far tastier note, courtesy of world-famous 'foodie-heaven' Borough Market.

Please contact me with any questions or to book this tour.

Half-day: A London health and wellbeing history walk for the incurably curious 

If, like me, you are addicted to finding out how things have changed for the better over the centuries, allow me to prescribe this unflinching walk around Bloomsbury.

Our first stop is at the Francis Crick Institute. Named after the Nobel Prize-winning DNA scientist, this is where the keenest minds combine to tackle global health challenges.

Next up is the British Library, home to life-changing documents like those created by ‘Lady of the Lamp’ Florence Nightingale to influence nursing and hospital care. 

Then it’s on to the Foundling Hospital, established by sea captain Thomas Coram in the 1700s to give abandoned and poor babies a chance in life.

Just around the corner you’ll learn about pioneering paediatrics at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital; the birth of medical publishing at the British Medical Association; and see where tomorrow’s doctors train today.

We'll say goodbye at the free Wellcome Collection where you can explore weird and wonderful health-related items from around the world.

Please contact me with any questions or to book this tour.


Half-day: Follow in the footsteps of the man voted the 'Greatest Briton of All Time'

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill lived through 91 years of war and change. 


This walk is a chance to get behind the cigar smoke-screen to find out more about the man who, while born into privilege, became the voice of victory for the millions in our darkest hour.


Starting at the statue representing his deep friendship with President FD Roosevelt, we'll hear about Churchill's strange quirks and habits as we walk past the exclusive shops where he bought his hats, shoes, cigars and booze. 

We then head towards Trafalgar Square to hear how America was won over, and see where secret agents were trained. 

Along Whitehall, if we are lucky, we will see magnificent mounted guards and glimpse No 10 Downing Street, home to Churchill while  Prime Minister. And at Parliament Square we will pass the church where Churchill married 'Clemmie'.


Finally, I introduce you to the creepy underground Churchill War Rooms, from where the battles were fought, and won. There is also a great museum all about Churchill's long and unique life. 

Please contact me with any questions or to book this tour.

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